Quick notes on Hue

I feel like I posted a ton of photos from Hue (including a bit of info about the Citadel), so I will keep this entry brief.

I think Hue may have been our favorite stop in Vietnam. A nice-sized city (the population is around 330,000 according to Lonely Planet), it had a more relaxed atmosphere than crowded and totally urban Saigon and Hanoi. At the same time, its size allowed it to absorb the tourist tide more effectively than places like Hoi An and Dalat – it didn’t feel over-taken by tourism and for me had a nice grounded and “lived in” energy to it, if that makes any sense.

We also stayed at my favorite hotel in Vietnam, the Hue Holiday Hotel. Our room felt brand new, was spotlessly clean, and the staff were super accommodating and genuinely friendly. Excellent value for money too. The hotel was down a narrow alleyway, located in the touristy area of town but with Vietnamese homes just outside the hotel entrance. I loved catching glimpses of the families’ day to day lives as we came and went.

DSC 0839
Our room at the Hue Holiday Hotel – complete with real flowers on the bed

DSC 0842
The delightfully clean bathroom!

Another big positive about Hue for me is that I took the initiative to find a posh hotel about a 10 minute walk from where we were staying that had a small gym and a big pool, so a couple of times during our stay I got a work-out in. (If I remember correctly, this was at the Imperial Hotel. Insanely posh and a bit on the expensive side for the per-gym-visit price but access to the outdoor pool made it worth it) Aside from the obvious physical benefit, working out in some form or another is so good for my head space – it’s something I’m trying to do more often while we are still on the road.

Things I want to remember include:

– How wonderfully, genuinely fun it was to fly a kite!
– How infinitely patiently Roman untangled the kite line when it got into an incredibly huge tangle. Also the very sweet teacher who came to talk to us while he worked on the mess. 🙂
– The peaceful walk through the residential area on the north side of town and the friendly cyclo driver we met there.
– The lively atmosphere at the nightly street market along the riverside.

Less fun to remember is getting food poisoning; we actually had to extend our stay by one day because I was in no shape to travel. I can’t say for certain which restaurant may have made me sick. Most of the places we ate were all right but nothing special. The one restaurant in town I can recommend is Vegetarian Restaurant Bo De. Although Roman was less impressed than I was, I really enjoyed the interesting and tasty 100% vegetarian dishes, and I can guarantee that I didn’t get sick from their food! 🙂

Pics from Hue, round one!

Continuing to speed my way through the Vietnam posts, here are some photos from our time out and about in Hue. Citadel photos to follow.

DSC 0852
There was this great outdoor night market along the Perfume River (deceptively alluring name! If it smelled at all, it was NOT pleasant!). The side-walk was full of vendors and pedestrians and the river bank would be lined with these gaudy, bright dragon boats with seemingly nearly as much action taking place in them as on dry land.

DSC 0864
Sandals outside house doors on the alleyway our hotel was on. I loved the families living on this little street. Three generations living together – cute kids and smiley grandmas!

DSC 0870
A rare, traffic free moment on the Tran Tieng bridge

DSC 0877
Wares for sale on the sidewalk. Not sure if the boots were on offer too…

DSC 0883
Street vendor sets up shop under a tree

DSC 0045
Early evening sky over the Perfume River

DSC 0052
Incense and flower offerings to a spirit tree

DSC 0062
A glimpse inside a repair shop

DSC 0065
A horse decorating a home’s outdoor shrine

DSC 0069
Parked cyclo and firewood